Google Links

If you google ‘Progressive Bible’, some interesting things come up.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 7.33.35 AM.pngThe first thing that comes up is a Mystic Bible for kids that sounds intriguing.

The Mystic Bible journeys with Christ from his birth through to the Pentecost experience and invites children to explore the sacred stories from a new perspective”

Next is a community chat board from Beliefnet asking what translation of the Bible is most popular with progressive christians. It seems like the NRSV is the most common. We will have to talk more about this soon. 

Third is a Bible app for LGBTQ believers that is both pro-women and inclusive of other faiths.

Fourth is a 2008 message board asking if there is a study Bible for liberals.

“Is there a Bible for people who are politically, socially, and/or economically progressive? (Jesus was something of a progressive himself.) I’m assuming there isn’t one, but I’m posing the question anyway. If not, got any book recommendations on taking a progressive and non-literal interpretation of the Good Book? The more scholarly, the better.”

Then comes an interesting article by Roger Wosley at Patheos called ’16 Ways Progressive Christians Interpret the Bible’.

That is followed by another chat board, this time at Progressive Christianity from 2011, asking about study Bibles.

Seventh is a list of ‘9 Surprisingly Progressive Moments In The Bible’ from ListVerse.

The next item is not by a progressive but is about something called ‘progressive revelation’. This is a fascinating topic that we will have to get into down the road! It is a theory about how God reveals things to humans ~ unfortunately it almost always ends at the close of the 1st century. We are looking for God’s ongoing revelation and continued work in the world.

Ninth is a very interesting article by Jim Burkalo on Huffington Post. Jim is a wonderful person and this is a good article.

” Progressive Christian unapologetics begins with deep compassion for people who have been mortally terrorized with the threat of eternal damnation for failing to accept doctrines that don’t make sense to folks like this student who was blessed, or perhaps cursed, with a keen intellect and a natural curiosity.”

Finally is a wikipedia article about ‘progressive revelation’ (mentioned earlier). It is a tricky concept, fraught with potential traps.

Progressive revelation in Christianity is the concept that the sections of the Bible that were written later contain a fuller revelation of God compared to the earlier sections… The ultimate revelation of God is understood to be found in Jesus Christ as revealed in the Gospels. For example, the New Testament is to be used to better understand and interpret the Old Testament.”

We will have to cross that bridge when we get there!

So that is the first page of google search results as of August 2017. It gives a snapshot of a few resources out there but indicates that there is a far greater need than is being served.

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