We live in an odd time where the more people know about the Bible, the less they believe it and the less interested they seem in reading it … while the people who read it the most and claim to be ‘Bible-believing’ often know little about the Bible.

This gap can be exhausting so a group of us have come up with a little plan to do something about it.

September 6th begins Wednesday night Bible study with a twist. 

Our goal is to engage the scriptures in a way that steers clear of the ditch on either side of the road:

  1. one dimensional black & white reading on the one side and
  2. reductive dismissal and conceding to modern physics on the other

The first group is prone to a sort of confidence that can result in a ‘God said it, I believe it, that settles it’  kind of certainty.

The second group is equally as confident but in things like modern physics, archeology, and human reason. This can result in saying things like ‘we know it is impossible to walk on water so this story can not be true’.

Both of these are gross examples of what has gone wrong with religion in the past couple of centuries. Faith and science have been pitted against each other in a zero-sum death match that is harming the planet and damaging the human spirit.

We are practicing a different way.

Our hope is for a different way of reading the Bible that accounts for genre and takes seriously both the historic understanding of the text as well as its contemporary implications.

This work is done in community, in humility, and in faith.

In community because the Bible was never meant to be read alone or dissected like a machine made of interlocking gears.

In humility because we honor the wisdom of the ancients even as we know it has to be contextualized to our present situation.

In faith because as people who are trying to follow the way of Jesus, we confess that there is something unique about the Bible and it is not exactly like any other text.

We hope that you will come to this exercise with an open mind, a sincere heart, and a commitment to read the text through a 21st century lens. It might look very different than it did before. 

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